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Humans often burn grasslands in the belief that this will nourish the following year’s growth, but not all ecologists agree. However, the combination of dry conditions, burning, and heavy grazing do ensure that grasslands stay unchanged. FIGHTING OFF HERBIVORES SHARING LIMITED RESOURCES The acacia trees that dot the typical savannah scene (right) can tolerate the dry conditions and occasional burning of the grasslands. Besides having sharp thorns, they can also defend themselves chemically against the onslaught of browsing herbivores such as giraffes.

It is a slow-flying bat and uses echo-location for finding its way around rather than for hunting. 36 (c) 2011 Dorling Kindersley, Inc. All Rights Reserved. CHANCE, CHANCE, AND HABITAT In any population there is considerable natural variation, and it is on this variation that natural selection acts to produce evolution. In the case of the grass called Yorkshire fog, certain individuals happen to be able to tolerate unnaturally high concentrations of copper in the soil. Normally these plants have no advantage and their numbers in the population remain insignificantly small.

They all have protective plates rather than scales. Fresh water species have fewer plates than those in the sea, and estuary species show an intermediate number, though it is not known why. The tiny three-spined stickleback (below) is found throughout the estuaries of the northern hemisphere. Cord grass, or Spartina, plays an important role in changing the estuarine landscape. Growing quickly in the shifting muds and silts of the estuary shallows, the grass holds the mud in position with its roots, allowing further silt to accumulate and gradually form mud flats, salt marshes, and even reclaimed land, as other plants manage to take hold.

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