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By Susan Rennie, Sally Miller Gearhart

In 1976 A Feminist Tarot turned the 1st ebook of the newly-launched lesbian-feminist press in Watertown, Massachusetts, referred to as Persephone Press. From then till 1981 whilst Persephone ceased booklet, it went via 4 variants. Alyson courses (of Boston, and extra lately of l. a.) has shepherded the publication via extra variations (1981 and the current 1997 variation) as well as its Dutch translation released in 1985 via Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes bv, Deventer. not like the explosion of women’s Tarot decks and interpretations of the 1980’s and 90’s, A Feminist Tarot makes use of the photographs of the conventional Waite Tarot deck, providing and unveiling them from the point of view of cultural feminist proposal. It casts an increased interpretation upon each one card of the key and Minor Arcana, delivering either upright and reversed meanings, and a precis of conventional meanings in addition. It incorporates a background of and a statement upon the Tarot itself, illustrated lay-outs and customary makes use of of the Tarot, in addition to a quick bibliography.

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Perhaps a deliberate refusal on the querent’s part or on the part of one near her to bear the sons of man. Traditional reversed meaning: Sterility, dissipation of material resources. Loss, poverty. Maternal tyranny. Kali or Hecate, the vengeful mother. 17 A Feminist Tarot 4 THE EMPEROR Sign Aries Upright: DOMINATION T he archetypical king, the active father force, god as the father, the ultimate patriarch. He is seated on stone in front of blood-red mountains, reminders of the violence that his reign requires; animal skulls adorn his throne.

Primitive and perilous thoughts emerge from the Water Bearer’s pool—now in the foreground—with the center of interest focused on the distant mountains of thought, where the querent may find consciousness and integration. But the towers of patriarchy are intact, and life is blocked by having to enter through that gateway. As she rains energy upon them (the Yods), the moon liberates the path. The powers of psychic endowment—dreams, intuition, hunches— confront the fears that are embedded in the unconscious, placed there early on by socialization and enculturation.

She feels good. Traditional meaning: Hope, inspiration, bright prospects. Widening horizons. New life and vigor. A very favorable card. Reversed: ILL HEALTH also Pessimism Some cutoff from life-giving sources. Malaise, lack of energy, doldrums, fatigue. Perhaps an experience of mental illness. Fear of opening to the sources of health. Tightness. Some alienation from the unconscious or from understanding it. Self-doubt which narrows the querent’s outlook and constricts her belief in her life possibilities.

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