Theo Papas's 300: The Empire PDF

By Theo Papas

Nation. Freedom. Democracy.
How a lot might you sacrifice to guard them?

480 B. C.
Proud Xerxes, Emperor of Persia and King of Kings, invades Greece with one million squaddies. He instructions millions of ships and is supported via dozens of allies, between them the fascinating Queen Artemisia.
Against him stand a couple of Greek opponents and decided males - Leonidas and his 300 Spartans on dry land, the personification of bravery and patriotism; and Themistocles and the fleet of Athens at the sea, the incarnation of ingenuity and technique.
Can they cease him?


An epic ebook in regards to the first nice warfare in background, a conflict that made up our minds the destiny of humanity, western civilization and democracy.
A tricky yet deeply human novel approximately honor, dignity and tragic love beaten among the blade of a sword and the blood of conflict.

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The social bases of Kypselos' tyranny are nowhere clearly specified in the sources, but other marginal or "excluded" aristocrats were undoubtedly involved, resentful of Bacchiad hubris and their monopoly on power. It is also all but certain that his main support came from the demos-the hoplites in particular-for to shatter the entrenched despotism of the Bacchiadai, an oligarchy of some two hundred families, obviously required the mobilization of considerable armed force. A late source holds that Kypselos had held the military office of polemarchos prior to his tyranny and had earned populist credit for his mild treatment of debtors.

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