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By Gary Greenberg

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In his startling ebook, Gary Greenberg exposes the truth at the back of the best tale ever instructed. know about the Egyptian myths and historical folklore that continue to exist in a single of history's such a lot sacred texts, and notice how:
-King David's bodyguard, now not David, killed Goliath
-Noah's Ark didn't land on Mount Ararat
-Samson didn't pull down a Philistine temple
-There are not less than models of the 10 Commandments
-The partitions of Jericho have been destroyed three hundred years sooner than Joshua arrived there
-Sodom and Gomorrah have been legendary towns that by no means existed
-The tale of Esther had not anything to do with the Jews of Persia
-And a lot, a lot more
101 Myths of the Bible presents a brand new size of bible study for believers, historians and an individual who has ever questioned in regards to the proof in the back of the legends. by way of taking a look deeper into historical past, Greenberg indicates that the real tale makes the Bible extra attention-grabbing than ever imagined!

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The Bible, like many ancient texts, often uses literary formulas, short phrases that a scribe employs either as an idiomatic expression or to indicate something about the nature of the text. These textual formulas most often appear as elements in a listing, where they divide one section of a list from another, as is commonly done in ancient king lists. The biblical stories of the kings of Israel and Judah illustrate this technique. ” The Bible has many such textual formulas. On occasion, for instance, it introduces a section of narrative by telling us “These are the generations of…” where the material describes the events associated with a particular family.

1:9–10) The Reality: The gathering of the waters refers to the creation of the Nile River. The third day of Creation began with the gathering of the waters in one place. Then God named the gathered water“Seas,” a plural term indicating multiple bodies of water. Each sea would be a separately bounded area. Are the waters in one place or several places? C. applied their current geographical understandings to a passage reflecting a different geographical environment. In Mesopotamia and the Levant, people knew of many separate and important major bodies of water, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, and the Orontes River in Syria.

He (the sky) then separated Nut (heaven) from Geb (earth), tied the land together, and gathered together the waters of the flood into one place, (which created the Nile), the very same set of events as in Genesis. The biblical Creation sequence, therefore, follows the Egyptian scheme. Shu’s gathering of the waters describes the origin of the Nile and corresponds to the biblical gathering of the waters in one place. As with the description of heaven, one of the Hebrew scribes misunderstood the initial description of the waters because he no longer understood events in an Egyptian context.

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